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Drop Eraser


◇◆◇ On the coattails of all of you 2500,000 downloading, thank you! ◇◆◇I have a great reaction led by a school and the workplace!In addition, I raise the ideas of the challenge mode at any time!I want to adopt the interesting idea positively!Flick! Hit! Push!Good old DropEraser comes up by application!Flick the eraser of the enemy to the outside of the desk!
The usable eraser more than 100 kinds!I defeat an enemy, and let's leave all erasers open!
A play is possible to up to four people with the Multi-play mode!It is certain that I liven up with a friend and a family!
◇ ◆ SAT-BOX app ◆ ◇Pen series clamp500,000 DL breakthrough total
Monsters Coin400,000 DL breakthrough total
Galaxylaser series300,000 DL breakthrough total
Dark Knight Story Series100,000 DL breakthrough total
Other popular series number!Total 7,000,000 DL breakthrough app!
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